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Hi Kerry, Love reading your column and loved watching your analysis on the TSN broadcasts!And were now in Round 2! Bruins! Canadiens! We know all about the great games of the past from the players, the broadcasters and the writers.DW: Why track and field specifically? DB: Well I mean, listen, basketball is my favourite sport, and Im a fan of every single sport, but I think I knew very early that I was blessed with a gift. When I played basketball I was the fastest guy on the team, and I could jump the highest, and all those things. I realized when I was young I was blessed with this gift. And also meeting my coach, and meeting the right people in my early twenties I realized that I could explore this and maximize it. DW: You will be remembered most for winning the gold medal in the mens 100m at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, which was such a fantastic feat considering how highly the 100m is held. What was it like to bring a gold medal back to your country, and tell me how the world (specifically Canada) reacted? DB: 1996 was an incredible year. Ill remind you young guns that I had won the World Championships the year before that in 1995, and was also a Commonwealth Champion in 1994. It was an incredible journey, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I prepared very well and its a goal that I had. I definitely went in prepared, and understood that if I didnt come out with the gold I wouldnt have achieved what I wanted. So essentially we started the own the podium movement where as Canadians, you need to work hard and you need to prepare yourself. And also, when you go to compete against the best in the world, you need to have the hockey mentality, and that is were going in to win. (Image courtesy of Mail Online) DW: What was your most fond memory outside of winning the gold from those 1996 Olympics? DB: Some of the greatest times I had were meeting incredible athletes, or incredible people in the world. Many great found moments, I met and had dinner with Nelson Mandela, and I met Muhammad Ali. Sometimes meeting some of the greatest icons in the history of the planet, and of course, I met many people from Hollywood or wherever. But I think that meeting people at the top of their game, whatever it is that theyre doing, thats always very important. DW: Youve had a lot of time to think about this one – when you hear “Donovan Bailey, Olympic Champion”… how special is that to you? DB: Its great. Im one of those extremely blessed human beings to be able to share this moment with every single person. Everyone that reminds me of this, its almost like a personal touch or personal connection because I was in their living room, I was actually in their house. Blessed for the fact that Ive met people and theyve named their children Donovan or Bailey. It is always a special moment, and its always extremely great when Im reminded, especially of Canadians I meet around the globe, and they can tell you exactly where they were when I was winning. Its always very touching and very special. DW: The Bailey versus Michael Johnson 150-meter showdown in 1997 was quite the spectacle, to say the least. DB: Haha! (Image courtesy of iRun) DW: Like something youd see promotionally in boxing – having you and Johnson reportedly even getting into a shouting match in 96, is that true, and what was that entire experience like for you? DB: No we did. First of all, sometimes I think people, the world, have to understand that track and field is an individual sport. Theres no team. The relay team gets together once a year. So its exactly like golf, you are an individual. But yeah, the Michael Johnson thing was fun. We got to face off, it was very boxer type, and it was a big man versus a bigger man. DW: Two heavyweights… DB: Oh, it was definitely two heavyweights, and I was the heavier weight. With the bigger gloves! No, but listen, it was good times, I see Michael now, and I dont know how he feels about it now but it was definitely a big part of my career and a big part of history. We were the trendsetters in making sure track and field continues to be a professional sport, as you see Usain Bolt now taking it to a whole other level. DW: Are you still involved in athletics in Canada? DB: Yes, very much involved. I work for BBC… or CBC, depending on what year it might be, as an analyst for track and field, so I do keep up to date. I do see Usain Bolt, and if you dont knoww who Usian Bolt is you shouldnt be listening or reading. Cordrea Tankersley Jersey. I see Usain often, and I keep in touch with a lot of the guys, the guys that I competed against, we get to see each other at IAAF events around the globe. And you know, its fun to catch up with those guys, so Im definitely involved. DW: Basketball is your favourite sport, correct? DB: Basketball is my number one sport! It will always be, because basketball is something… track and field is very monotonous, you have to have patience and energy and focus and discipline to train for it, but basketball you can just pick up a ball and go play. I do that with my son, or I can go play basketball with the guys I played with in University, or just go and play pickup basketball. And at this point in life I need exercise, to just get out and do something. DW: Whos your favourite team in the NBA? DB: I dont know if I have a favourite. By elimination it must be the Toronto Raptors, because I am Canadian, Im from Toronto and I love basketball. But I think I am just a huge basketball fan. And I will sit and watch any basketball game; frankly, the very best time for me every single year is March, because NCAA March Madness to me is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. So by elimination I would definitely be a Raptors fan. DW: I know theyve struggled a bit recently, but what do you think of their success this season? DB: I love it! Again, why not Canada? Why not Toronto? Why not these guys here? The group of guys that are here are actually understanding how big Toronto is. Not big as a city, but how big globally. And the fact theyre representing one of the next mega-cities in the world. And that they want to win! And I love the fact the NBA guys that are here now are very comfortable being in Canada and being in Toronto and enjoying it. DW: I think I read you played for Sheridan College basketball? DB: I did! I did. Canadian champions. DW: Really? DB: Yes! DW: Oh wow. What kind of a basketball player were you? DB: The one in my head, or the one on the court? I was an athletic player. If I played in a basketball game and I scored 20-points, but I didnt get one dunk I was actually miserable. All I ever wanted to do in the game was dunk. I hated dribbling, I hated passing. If the point guard could throw up an alley-oop and I can dunk it Im a happy guy for the whole game. Thats the whole game. So two points is all I need, one dunk, Im good! I was an athletic player, and I still am. I try to get up and down the court, and my ability to handle the rock. And now that Im older, Ill put up a couple threes, its okay. Hopefully youll see that at the 2016 celebrity all-star game in Toronto. DW: Im looking forward to that! DB: Yes. DW: Are you a hockey fan at all? DB: Oh yes. DW: I saw you had some tweets about the World Junior team. DB: Im really all about raw sports. Im a huge hockey fan, NHL fan in the playoffs. But when you watch the World Juniors you see it, you see the fire in these kids eyes. And it kind of reminds me of when I was competing when I was 18, 19, 20 years old and getting out there for the first time. Bright eyed and enjoying being out on the big stage. I thoroughly enjoy the game, and I thought the kids did a great job and I sent them congratulations. I just kind of love the speed of the game and how its evolving. WE ARE CHAMPS congrats guys u deserve it.#2015WJC #WhyNotUs — Donovan Bailey (@donovanbailey) January 6, 2015 DW: And finally, what does the future hold for Donovan Bailey? DB: Today Im a father, Im a philanthropist, and I work in the media, as well as dabbling in many businesses, and I think thats what Ill continue to do. Again, Im blessed to be on a stage and know that a lot of people are looking to me to continue to evolve and be a brand and be a business person, as well as giving back and teaching the kids what to do when they get to my level. These are the things I will continue to be. DW: It sounds as though you love what youre doing. DB: Youve gotta enjoy it… except for when its minus 30 outside. But its awesome, its a great place to be, and Im definitely thoroughly enjoying it. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '