How to Overcome Reckless Spending In College


Date & time May 1
Coral Gables
Creator Larry Parson

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One of the most exciting things about colleges is finally being the one in charge of your spending. Finally, you have your own credit card and your own money to spend in whatever way you want.


After you have selected the best essay for you, it's time for a night out in the town! Many students have a blast with their first credit card on a few weekend shopping sprees. But those same students have guilt and remorse one month later when the bill arrives in their mailbox. That shopping spree is no longer a fond memory. Instead, it is a minimum payment due for the next 48 months! And the interest on your first credit card is going to be remarkably high. Even when you begin with a lower interest rate, soon it will skyrocket. Whatever you do keep an eye on your finances so that when you receive that diploma, you are graduating with a degree and not a mountain of debt.


Part of the college experience is becoming an adult regarding both your thinking and in your spending. Be sure that your credit card statement reflects the attitude have a responsible adult and not a childish student.

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