The difficulty level of assignments must not exceed its grade value


Date & time Mar 10
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Assignments happen to be an integral part of a course content. Where on one hand, the content of a course could be made highly engaging through interesting assignments, on the other hand, assignments may sound too boring if they are of low value.


What most college professors do not understand is the fact that a college student might not be motivated enough to prepare an assignment that requires way too much effort, but in return, does not give enough reward. For instance, it is commonly observed that professors often give 3000 – 4000 words assignments that make up less than 1% of the overall grade point average. This causes students to hire assignment writing services such as the one mentioned at as they are unhappy of the rewards they get for it. Often at times, many students do not even wish to spend their money on such lowly rewarding assignments and may choose to skip them overall. This often defies the entire purpose of assignments.


Professors should make sure to set assignment rewards in comparison to their difficulty level and length. This will ensure that students are able to develop enough motivation to prepare their essay assignments on their own.

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