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In order to successfully build muscle course we must have various strategies in practice. Can use the movement of compound or isolation when  GYM. In the discussion of muscle build and strength this time, Reps Mania we will invite to know more and know the benefits of practice by applying the two methods of the movement.
Isolation Movements

Isolation movements or movements of isolation is a movement that focuses on a particular muscle part or one at a time that is done repeatedly until it reaches the desired number of reps. This exercise movement is not categorized as a compound movement that can affect various muscles at one time. The movement of isolation is very popular with various elements of fitness mania, even bodybuilding who want to pursue or focus the muscle that he thinks less, or want a definition of a sharper and drier muscles.

Focusing on one particular muscle point of contraction is the main goal that the fitness mania always pursue when weight train. One example of isolation movement is like when we train bicep muscles with dumbble curl. In performing dumbble curl movements, we must be able to measure the duty loads that are capable of being lifted. Not too light but also should not be too heavy. Why? Because if the load is too heavy, the perceived contraction is not fixed on the bicep muscle, but the shoulder also helps to lift the dumbbell, so there are two muscles that contract when doing dumbble curl, and this is not the definition of isolation movements.
The advantage of training the muscles through isolation movements.

Exercise isolation is an exercise that moves only on one muscle region performed at a time. Practicing through this movement can provide benefits for the healing of muscle tension injuries. For example, if a person experiences tension in the shoulder muscles, there is nothing wrong to keep practicing as usual with a portion of exercise that does not interfere with muscle joints. Isolation movement can provide stretching to the injured muscle area, so that the injured muscles do not feel stiff after the many movements that focus on one point of the muscle.

Another reason fitness actors use this isolation technique when practicing, so that they can focus more on the desired muscle contractions without the participation of other muscles that help. Isometric exercises (isolation) can increase the strength of muscle areas more visible lean and also provide strength against ischemia (lack of oxygen).
Compound Movements

Compound Movements or movement is a movement that requires the use of muscle more than one part while doing one motion repeatedly. This form of movement is the opposite sex of isolation exercise that only targets at one particular muscle point. Some examples of component movement include: Squat, lunges, bench press, cabble crossover, pullup, etc.

While training the muscles through this method, it is clear that not only one muscle point focuses the pain during the movement, but so many points of muscle that will feel pain if you apply it in accordance with the tech in question. Unfortunately, this kind of movement many people do so carelessly, so it does not provide the slightest benefit except only a sense of fatigue.

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